Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Cake Pan Cabinet's Almost Done

When my friend, Diane, gave me this old, beat up kitchen cabinet that would've otherwise been destined for the trash, I decided I could use the challenge and refinish it.  The "challenge" was I tried to make it into something it wasn't, and when I decided to remake it into a kitchen cabinet (novel idea, huh?) then the ideas on how to fix it up came flooding to me.

I'm bound and determined to finish it by tomorrow because I have so many other things that need to be taken care of before my new job starts in a few days.  I still have to mount the doors, but I couldn't as they're still trying to dry, and it's raining out.  The top needs to be polyurethaned so it'll stand up to use.  The last thing is to attach the new door hardware.

The cabinet has been modified quite a bit from the original piece.  It has vertical dividers so sets of cake pans can stand up on end (a big space saver).  I removed the drawers and salvaged the drawer fronts; we managed to cut up the frame and add a few wood pieces to successfully "mate" them into two large doors.  By going down this road, the cabinet can house larger diameter pans and cooling racks up to 27 inches in length.

Is this kind of project for the faint of heart?  Definitely NOT, but it's worth the aggravation.

As soon as the cabinet's complete, I'll post the rest of the finished pictures...and then I've got a lot of work to get done.

I told my friend about how the cabinet was coming back to her so she could stop work on fixing up another old cabinet.  This was supposed to be her Christmas present, but now she's debating if she's got room for it.  

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