Saturday, October 6, 2012

The last project for the near future

I have to do something other than cook food at the moment because these "old crappy pieces" are taking up too much room.  As much as I'd prefer to be goofing around and experimenting in the kitchen, I know it's more important to regain some space and get this stuff out from underfoot.

This tall chest comes apart after you remove a dozen screws from the frame.  It has to get refinished and out of the garage because it's hiding a short, wide filing cabinet that needs to be moved out of there and down into the basement office.  Granted, there's no big hurry to move the cabinet, but as I've been on a "refinishing roll", it doesn't make sense to stop it now because I might NOT get it up and going any time soon.  Sometimes, it's best just to suck it up and finish it all off all the dirty projects while you can, then rest.

I'm pretty sure this bureau will go into the guest bedroom closet.  It could find a home just about anywhere, but this specific closet is the smallest of all the bedrooms; a tall, narrow piece might just work perfect in there.

This is the second bureau left behind by the previous owner, and it stunk to high heaven with a moldy, dusty kind of smell.  I ripped off the old back panel, sprayed it with a bleach and water solution, and repeated the process several times back in the hot June sunshine.  Pulling it out, I sniffed the piece and there's no hint of that nasty smell, which is great news!  There are some loose boards, so it'll require a little TLC, but I'm sure this is "disposable poplar furniture".

It's not a bad piece considering it'll be used as part of a closet organizing setup.  The inside closets again have those wire racks, so anything is an improvement over what's in there now.  Again, the goal is always to add value to the house through creative reconstruction.

Fred was great today!  As I was trying to take advantage of the sun with the double bureau piece, he started stripping the new piece for me.  Can you say "I'm very thankful"?   :)

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