Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two out of three ain't bad

I was cleaning out some files on my computer when I ran across this little gem:

While I don't agree with some things on this list at all, it's not without merit on many points.
What I strongly disagree with:
  • The use of illegal drugs. 
  • Avoiding vaccinations - that's just foolhardy and downright dangerous.

When it comes to the points I agree with, I'd modify some points slightly:
  • Being self sustainable, growing a garden, and returning to nature all go hand in hand.  It's a wise idea to be in touch with your food source and knowing what it takes to grow crops.  In my opinion, it helps you to not waste food if you know how much work it takes to grow, and solves the calls to "grow organic" and food safety as you know where your food came from.  It allows you to preserve food for winter and spring eats which saves you a ton of cash, plus your food doesn't taste like a tin can.  You can also give away extra to help feed those less fortunate than you, and that frees up additional food sources for the rest of the world.
  • Buying local is a great idea!  I'm all for "Mom and Pop" type stores and local produce because it's important to know if you can't grow all of your own food, where you can get the rest of it.  I'm also not a fan of how the "big box" stores have driven smaller stores out of business with loss leader pricing.
  • Make family a priority by turning off the TV and learning to love one another.  It's hard to connect to anyone if they're tuned into the TV, cell phone, or video gaming consoles.  Turn off and tune out of the distractions that separate you from one another.  Learn to actually chat, not text or picture message each other.  
  • I'm a huge fan of homeschooling as I believe the premise allows the adult to go deeper into subjects of a child's insatiable source of curiosity.  Feed, don't stifle that natural resource!    :)
  • Homeopathic medicine can be a first line of treatment, but don't believe it's the end all be all of the medical options.  There's plenty of snake oil remedies that don't work worth a dang, yet people can endanger their health by refusing more advanced treatment.  I think both can work together; people don't need to go to the emergency room for a sore throat or a headache - use common sense and buy the cough syrup (or drink honey lemon tea) or the bottle of Advil.  

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