Friday, October 19, 2012

Challenge #5: Fortune Cookies

I've been struggling trying to figure out what my next cooking challenge would be, and I still had no real thought about it until tonight.  We're lucky to have a good Chinese restaurant locally, and at the end of the meal, everyone looks forward to the fortune cookie.

They're really not that tasty, and truth be told, it's rather like eating crunchy cardboard with a slightly sweet overtone.  Other than tradition, a bit of curiosity about our "fortune", and a little bit of punishment, we eat the less than tasty cookie.

Many times I've thought about how simple and tasty this remake could be, and if Fred and I didn't have dinner out tonight, I'd still be struggling to come up with one.

The next week's going to be loaded with things to do, so we'll see when I can get this one done; it might have to wait until next weekend. 

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