Friday, October 5, 2012

The bureau's coming along, but the work keeps increasing

Fred and I busted butt today to finish one piece and seriously make headway on the second - the bureau.  A real stroke of luck hit today as the bureau had only one coat of paint, and that was painted on top of polyurethane, so it came off like a dream!  Since it went so well, we managed to get all the sanding done...which is where the "dream" bit comes in.   :)   We're not set to stain the drawers and polyurethane the piece. 

Now I have to start quickly thinking about redesigning the inside of the closet, which means a lot of work yet to be done.  Here's what I see in my immediate future:
  1. The spot needs a light, and I'd like it to turn on when the door opens instead of a wall switch, which would require cutting into sheetrock, and I'm not a fan of patching sheetroock in a room where I sleep as the dust is incredible and takes forever to get it all out.   
  2. When I pushed the clothes to one side, I noticed that the wall had only been half painted, so the closet needs to be painted and probably a little bit of sheetrock patching.  I won't know until I really get in there and start the work.
  3. A light in the closet means new wiring, so forget the "maybe" with sheetrock; it's a definite.
  4. The metal rack shelving needs to be replaced with wooden ones.  I am envisioning two boards that can hold shoes along with a clothes hanger pole mounted underneath.  Larger items can be stored on the top board.
  5. The closet needs doors, and I keep seeing a pair of shutter style bi-fold doors as it allows good air circulation.  
  6. Mirrors...the doors had mirrors, so maybe I can pull the mirrors off the old doors and somehow install them elsewhere in the room as a permanent feature.  Hmmm...maybe reframe and hang them on a horizontal bias above the bed as part of a cool artwork installation?  I'll have to play with this idea.  
  7. My friend gave me her old headboard and a long chest of drawers that have the look of bamboo, and the bedroom is currently in the fashion of an English country garden.  Since the headboard and chest of drawers are the major pieces in the room, I need to redecorate around them.  The room needs to be redecorated to reflect something more earthy with neutral colors with hints of green.  Textures like burlap, linen, or maybe bamboo shades need to come into this space to make it work.  So bye bye garden...     
  8. The ceiling fan is old and very blah - basic white.  I might be able to replace the blades with some I've seen that look like giant palm leaves.
The work never ends, but at least I know when it's done, it's DONE. 

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