Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sometimes friends can be wrong

After a few days of dragging around and feeling long faced, I realized my friend was wrong about me refinishing pieces. 

My friend has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately and he's a real drag to talk to when he gets that way.  He's got a bit of a legitimate beef over his situation (I won't elaborate), but we often act as "venting boards" for each other when we're upset.  Sometimes I forget even when he's not venting, he still is. 

He suggested that I listen to a teaching audio, and when I questioned him about it ("...how can I apply this to my own life?") his frustration broke loose and resulted in a tongue lashing.  I'm little funny about teaching audios - when I ask a follow up question, I have this nasty habit of expecting some sort of constructive answer. 

I realize that sometimes your friends can be wrong, and my hard work isn't crappy or for nothing.  I'll let God sort him out, and in the meantime I'll keep on making a difference in another friend's life.   :)

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