Monday, September 24, 2012

My Can Runneth Over!

This space is temporarily doing multiple duty, but when it's finished, it will become a 10'x18' dedicated walk in pantry with lots of shelf space and under the stairs storage.  I'm envisioning a floor to ceiling dehydrating cabinet and wine rack.  I have yet to see in my mind's eye the new setup for the mason jars, but it's outgrown the bountiful load of pickles, peach and apple pie fillings, peach and nectarine halves, salsas, tomato and barbeque sauces, and jams and jellies galore!

It looks like it's in total disarray, but don't be fooled.  The jars on the floor are only there while I finish taking inventory, and considering the jars are on average four deep, that's NO small task.  The floor "stash" will be properly boxed up tomorrow as that's the last of the work.

What do I do with all this food???  I sell some through my Etsy store (I pack it and Fred ships it for me when I'm away), some I give away to friends and neighbors through goodie boxes, then Fred gives some to his family, friends, and people who he deals with (doctors, hair dresser), some become Christmas presents, and we eat some.  It really feels good to know when I'm out on the road or back in TX, he can eat well from all the seasonal canning I've done at his house.

This year I've added new flavors to the jam and jelly mix, and these are some that I can think of off the the top of my head:
Peach bourbon jelly
Rose petal jam
Rose petal and white wine jelly
Apple mint jelly
Apple lavender jelly
Peach Jalapeno jam
Strawberry and white wine jelly
Peach and vanilla bean jam
Peach and vanilla bean jelly
Peach and nectarine jelly
Strawberry and balsamic vinegar jam

I think I've hung up "Big Bessie", the 21 quart canner, for the season.  There are still jam, jelly, and marmalade flavors I want to try making, but it won't happen this season.

Happy Eats!

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