Saturday, September 22, 2012

Capturing Wild Yeast, Part 2

Yesterday I posted I was in the hunt for wild yeast, and I placed a covered bowl of water and flour outside to see if my mixture could capitalize on the theory wild yeast is everywhere.

I'm glad to say the method actually works!  Two days in nice weather outside, and I've got a wonderfully bubbly mixture.  If you treat your starter dough and feed it from time to time, it can last for years.  Yes, you saw that right - YEARS!  So my next challenge is to keep it alive, and learn how to "sweeten the pot", and from a blog I read, there are youtube videos out there that will show you how.  Here's another good source on feeding your wild yeast worth reading.

So next time someone says, "...ya just pull that out of thin air?!?"  You and give them a smirk and respond, "matter of fact....YES".

Happy Eats!  

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